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Suppliers to the Barton Grange are a crucial factor in the success of our menus, ensuring excellence of food for our guests dining in the Walled Garden.

We pride ourselves on securing as much locally produced ingredients as possible.


Honeywell Meats was established in 1970 by the Gornall family and has grown from strength to strength, but ever remaining the traditional family business that they have always been with over 10 family members still highly involved in all aspects of the business.The Honeywell’s you know today came from very humble beginnings, with Fran and Doris Gornall taking the first step and lauching into business, selling their hand reared pork from a stall in the garage! As they grew in popularity, Honeywell’s moved from the garage to the barn, where they set up Honeywell’s, one of the original Farm Shops. They branched out into selling their neighbours, The Thornton family’s Lamb, which they still stock today aswell as Pork, Chicken, Sausages and home cured bacon and much more! This is where Honeywell`s remained for over 30 years.

You can now buy and see this meat being prepared at Barton Grange Garden Centre only 2 miles away from the hotel

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The fruit and vegetable supplier, Ribble Farm Fare, is based in Longridge, Lancashire  and the Walled Garden receives a daily delivery of fresh produce every day.

The majority of their products are sourced locally: potatoes, brasicas and all root vegetables are grown on farms covering the Lancashire and Cheshire areas. Milk and local cheeses are produced from cows grazing the fields and fells around the Longridge area. Eggs are supplied either Lion stamped or free range and are produced from locally farmed chickens. All yoghurts are manufactured from local farms surrounding our business. Like every fruit and vegetable business when the weather doesn’t permit us to buy locally we source produce a little further afield.

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Our pastry chef makes many cakes for the Walled Garden famous afternoon teas but to add to this collection of desserts Lathams of Broughton are a family business started by Gwen Latham over thirty years ago, producing an extensive range of high quality indulgent desserts, cakes and biscuits.

They supply many reputable restaurants and eating establishments in and around Lancashire and South Cumbria from their purpose built "state of the art" bakery production facility in Preston. They also have two retail outlets, one adjoined to the main bakery on Caxton Road, Fulwood and the other just south of Preston at Hutton. 

They are proud of their team as they are committed to providing their customers with the best possible products. Many have been with them for over 20 years learning their trade directly from Mrs Latham, maintaining and passing these skills to incoming generations.

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Our wine merchants Bibendum, a national company, offer an extensive range of much loved wine, but also supply the Barton Grange with a surprising choice of great new tastings to tempt and excite the palette. 

Traditional Coffee company, Café du Monde provide the Hotel with coffee and Brew Tea provide us with various wonderful flavours of teas along with the more traditional black teas.

Most of our suppliers are within a 40 miles radius of the hotel, supplying the raw ingredients for our extensive menu offerings, ensuring deliveries of the very freshest and seasonal produce throughout the year. You are guaranteed the highest quality food that Lancashire can offer, with the sure knowledge that a wonderful “Lancashire” culinary experience awaits you at the Walled Garden Bistro in the Barton Grange Hotel

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