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Finding your way around

We’ve tried to make this list helpful to your average wine drinker rather than the expert, presenting it in order of ‘style’ with individual notes on just a few wines; where we felt they might be useful. (If you’re a connoisseur you’ll no doubt find what you want whether or not!). 

We’ve also chosen to feature only good quality wine, even in the Easy Drinking section but some wines are obviously of better quality than others – irrespective of style, price is a good guide to quality throughout the list. We hope that this approach might encourage you to try something you might not usually drink.

Our unusual pricing policy

The more expensive wines on the list are outstandingly good value (whilst the others are about what you would expect to pay in similar establishments) we’ve given you a good excuse to treat yourself!

House Wine

We don’t have house wine as such; giving you a decent choice in the Easy Drinking section instead – please ask if you would like a recommendation.

By the glass: from £3.25 a glass

Book a table below to try our wines out!

All our easy drinking wines are available by the glass - however, we also aim to have a few other bottles of wine and fizz open at any one time - the blackboard will tell you what's on the go at the moment. (If there is a particular wine you fancy that isn't open you you could always try a little light arm twisting!)



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